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Summer Registration is being constructed and will be posted soon. Thank you for your patience. We look forward to the warm months ahead and beautiful green grass!

At this time, for indoor soccer, registration is only available for PreK players for session 2. The times available for the upcoming PreK sessions are 12pm and 1pm. Sessions start March 25th, 2023.

Schedules are now posted for youth and adults! You can now view your teams schedule in your Sports Engine app or on your team page here on this website. We are still looking for volunteer coaches for our youth teams. If you or someone you know is interested please feel free to reach out to us! Those who purchased uniform/gear items will receive an email with dates/times for pickup. Registration will remain open until all team slots are filled!

Adult Pick Up (14YO+)

Join us at the Carlson Center for adult pick-up! S10/session. 14YO+. 

Join us at the Carlson Center for pick-up style volleyball. $10/session. 8YO+ (with exceptions).


Join us at the Carlson Center on Thursday, March 23rd, from 6-9pm. 


Adult Indoor Soccer


The future of FYSA Indoor Sports!

Check out what's in store for FYSA at the Carlson Center starting this fall! Indoor courts for soccer, tennis, volleyball, basketball, pickleball, and more! We'd love your support for this major project. Please contact us directly if you'd like to make a donation: 907-456-3972 or 907-987-6334


Thank you SPONSORS!