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Adult Pick-up Games

Current Schedule

12/15 Friday Tanana New 7-9pm
12/18 Monday Carlson Center 8-10pm
12/20 Wednesday Carlson Center 8-10pm
12/22 Friday Carlson Center 8-10pm
12/27 Wednesday Carlson Center 7-9pm
12/29 Friday Carlson Center 7-9pm



  • All players signing up must be 14 years of age or older, all skills levels are welcome. 
  • FYSA will provide 2 game balls and team pinnies on-site. 
  • FYSA will provide a staff member to oversee the games but will not serve as a referee. Players must call their own fouls and manage the game. 
  • FYSA will suggest ways of playing but unless there are 14 or more players on site, will not organize players to play any particular game. 
  • Players arriving must assist the FYSA staff in retrieving goals from outside and help them return them to their places at the end of the night. 
  • All players must have signed any applicable risk acknowledgement & liability waiver. 

Cost & Payment Info

  • The cost for these games is $12 each, or $70 total for all of November and December. It's possible that we will add more games during this time, if we do then the cost of $70 for all games will not change. 
  • All players must pay either online or in-person before they are allowed to play. In-person payments can be with card or cash. 
  • Refunds will only be issued if the session is cancelled by FYSA staff. 
  • If a player attends a session and there are 4 or less players for the half-hour following their arrival and they choose not to stay, the player may be issued a voucher for the future pick-up session. 


Some games will take place at local school gyms, and others will take place at the Carlson Center. Pay attention to the location when you are signing up and reference the schedule above. 

Proper Footwear

All players must wear either indoor shoes, turf shoes, or non-marking tennis shoes on our courts. Cleats are not acceptable and you will not be permitted to play. 


Pick-up games will be monitored by FYSA staff but will not be officiated by referees. Players are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times by calling their own fouls and playing in a safe manner that is fair and fun for those around them. Additionally, teams/players that do not abide by the authority of league officials/administrators or facility staff, may be removed from participation.

During registration, every player is required to accept a waiver that includes a commitment to good sportsmanship, in addition to standard language for participation in sports leagues such as release of liability for risk of injury, privacy policies, etc. All players are expected to abide by principles of good sportsmanship, at all times, even if they feel wronged or disagree with actions of an opponent. This applies to interactions with opponents, spectators, league administrators, facility staff as well as their own teammates. Failure to follow sportsmanship commitments may result in a player or entire team’s disciplinary action by the league. Those playing in more than one division (including youth) may have disciplinary actions that result from misconduct carry over into their other division. There are no rankings being kept or trophies to be awarded at the end of each season. We are all part of the same soccer community in one way or other and our goal is to keep that spirit of the game present in all our activities.