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Advanced Recreational (Midnight Sun FC)

In 2022 FYSA began an effort to give recreational players who were seeking more competition and a faster-paced game experience an opportunity to play in a division called "Midnight Sun FC" also known as the "Advanced Recreational" division.

General Information

  • Open to 3rd-6th graders
  • Games on Saturdays at local school gyms
  • Practices on weeknights (1 regular practice per week and a skills training every other week for a total of 12 practices)
  • Schedule Release: Monday, January 9th
  • Practices and games begin the week of January 15th


In past seasons we have required specific socks, shorts, etc. of a certain color. This season we intend to simplify this and just require an orange Midnight Sun jersey.  If you have a shirt or jersey that fits from the past season then please feel free to wear that. If you are in need of a new jersey, FYSA will have them for purchase during registration or in-person at our office for $17.  Any appropriate socks, shorts and shinguards may be worn for this season.  For more information about required equipment, click here


The cost difference is $10 between the regular recreational division and the advanced (MSFC) division. The required MSFC jersey will cost the same amount as the regular blue/green reversible jersey ($17). 

  Division   Registration Fee  
  3rd-4th Grade Advanced Recreational       $145.00
  5th-6th Grade Advanced Recreational   $145.00

Will There Be Tryouts?

There will be no formal tryouts or placement tests, we are trusting you to decide whether this is a good fit for your player. Your player should have at least 2 years of recreational league experience before joining this league.

Who Are The Potential Opponents?

Opponents may include other MSFC teams of the same age, older recreational league teams and Eclipse SC (competitive club) teams of the same age or younger. The purpose of this MSFC program is to provide more opportunities for higher skilled players who are looking for more competition and development.