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Adult Pickup Soccer


All clinics will be held at the Carlson Center. We are excited to have this new space available for winter programs on our beautiful Sport Court flooring. On your designated clinic day, enter through the rear doors at the Carlson Center marked 'Pass Gate'. Parents, siblings, etc. are welcome to sit in the lower bleachers on the east side of the arena. No food or drinks are allowed on the courts, just water! Non-marking athletic shoes should be worn on the courts, however players should be changing into this footwear after entering the building. In other words, we want to keep any boots or wet shoes OFF the courts, to keep the floor dry and safe. 


The minimum age for participating in adult leagues with FYSA, per our parent-organization and insurance requirements, is 14 as of the start of the season (i.e. min. age 14 by 10/25/22). The max age for participation is 93.5 years old, exceptions may be made based on individual skill :)

You CAN sign up for more than one night. Each individual option will add a registration fee for that specific date. You can also sign up for 1 and then return on a future date to sign up for more. There is also no penalty (i.e. higher cost) if you choose to come back and sign up for more later vs. doing so now.


Participants should plan to wear the FYSA adult red/gray reversible jersey or both a dark and a light colored t-shirt. FYSA can provide colored mesh pinnies for games if needed. 

All participants should wear non-marking athletic shoes while on the court. Shorts and socks are also available for purchase through FYSA ($5 each) as well as shinguards ($9) if needed.  All players should be wearing shinguards during league games. Choosing not to do so is at your own risk.

No jewelry of any kind, including watches, shall be worn while playing soccer. This includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other piercings. Simply putting a piece of tape over a piece of metal does not prevent possible injury, for you or someone else you may come in contact with. There are plenty of horrific images available (which we're inclined to not post here!) which illustrate potential, preventable, damage, from jewelry during soccer activities. While some may argue that a new piercing can't be taken out without the tissue closing up. This is not the case for the short period of time a player is on the court. We get it, its just not pleasant to remove/replace. However, just like other preventable injuries, no one who has had this happen to themselves would have thought it would happen to themselves... until it did. It might be uncomfortable, taking piercings in/out, but the potential for serious injury is of far more concern.


All pick-up games will be played on our hard courts with a futsal (low-bounce ball).  Games will be played with boundary lines, and the courts are painted/sized as official, regulation futsal courts. The rules for indoor soccer vary from typical, outdoor soccer. We will follow the 'Futsal Laws of the Game' as published by IFAB/FIFA, with some modifications, aka 'local rules of competition', as often referred to in official publications regarding Laws of the Game. A more concise list of gameplay parameters will be communicated prior to the start of the season and reiterated on the first night of games.

The FYSA indoor courts have multiple different futsal court lines. We have the ability to play 3 smaller games at the same time or 1 larger game and 1 small game. We will often have multiple courts blocked out for games so as to allow matches of different skill levels. This will vary each time depending on the number of participants and their skill level. Except to form teams within the first 10 minutes. 


Pick-up games will be monitored by FYSA staff but will not be officiated by referees. Players are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times by calling their own fouls and playing in a safe manner that is fair and fun for those around them. Additionally, teams/players that do not abide by the authority of league officials/administrators or facility staff, may be removed from participation.

During registration, every player is required to accept a waiver that includes a commitment to good sportsmanship, in addition to standard language for participation in sports leagues such as release of liability for risk of injury, privacy policies, etc. All players are expected to abide by principles of good sportsmanship, at all times, even if they feel wronged or disagree with actions of an opponent. This applies to interactions with opponents, spectators, league administrators, facility staff as well as their own teammates. Failure to follow sportsmanship commitments may result in a player or entire team’s disciplinary action by the league. Those playing in more than one division (including youth) may have disciplinary actions that result from misconduct carry over into their other division. There are no rankings being kept or trophies to be awarded at the end of each season. We are all part of the same soccer community in one way or other and our goal is to keep that spirit of the game present in all our activities.