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Available Rental Slots

Monday.  11/28.  11:15am
Monday.  11/28.  12:30pm
Monday.  11/28.  1:45pm
Tuesday.  11/29.  10am
Tuesday.  11/29.  11:15am
Tuesday.  11/29.  1:45pm
Wednesday.  11/30.  10am
Wednesday.  11/30.  12:30pm
Wednesday.  11/30.  1:45pm
Thursday.  12/1.  10am
Thursday.  12/1.  11:15am
Thursday.  12/1.  12:30pm
Monday.  12/12.  12:30pm
Monday.  12/12.  1:45pm
Tuesday.  12/13.  10am
Tuesday.  12/13.  11:15am
Wednesday.  12/14.  12:30pm
Wednesday.  12/14.  1:45pm
Thursday.  12/15.  10am
Thursday.  12/15.  11:15am
Monday.  12/19.  4:15pm
Tuesday.  12/20.  4:15pm
Wednesday.  12/21.  4:15pm
Thursday.  12/22.  4:15pm



SEASONAL ($8) MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED FOR ALL NON-SOCCER ACTIVITIES. Click the registration link below for more info.


Court rentals are for 1 hour and range from $50-$75 depending on day/time (i.e. weekday daytime hours vs. prime time hours on weeknights or weekends) See schedule in registration form for exact pricing for individual days.

If you would like one member of your group to pay for the entire court rental that is ok. If you have never participated in a non-soccer activity through FYSA then every member of your group will need to pay a separate ($8) seasonal membership. If you would prefer for each member of your group to pay separately please contact FYSA and we can work with you. Please note that the registration form will automatically remove any slots that are claimed by anyone signing up for that session. This list will be updated each time new options are added, however the most up to date source of what slots are available will be the form itself. Sessions are default of 1 hour. Please contact us directly if you're interested in a longer time slot or for other special arrangements.


We are not able to supply or rent out rackets or tennis balls at this time, you must bring all of your own gear.


All courts are located inside of the Carlson Center arena. We are excited to have this new space available for winter programs on our beautiful Sport Court flooring.  Enter through the rear doors at the Carlson Center marked 'Pass Gate'. Parents, siblings, etc. are welcome to sit in the lower bleachers on the east side of the arena.

No food or drinks are allowed on the courts, just water! Non-marking athletic shoes should be worn on the courts, however players should be changing into this footwear after entering the building. In other words, we want to keep any boots or wet shoes OFF the courts, to keep the floor dry and safe.