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Gear/Equipment Info


Gear is able to be purchased through the registration form or in-person on Club Night. If you pre-order gear during registration then your best opportunity to pick it up will be on Club Night. 


Club Night is on Wednesday, January 10th.


  • Indoor Soccer Ball (Futsal) - All players are required to have their own indoor soccer ball to utilize during practices.  An outdoor ball is not suitable for this league as it is much lighter and can not be handled as well on an indoor court. Futsals are naturally heavier to allow more control over the ball.  Coaches will receive a couple balls with their team gear to use for game days and to have a spare or two for practices. You can purchase a new ball through FYSA directly during registration ($25) if desired. Note that sizing is different for indoor. 


  • Jersey - Every player will need to wear the required FYSA jersey.  For those in recreational divisions this will be the blue/green standard, reversible jersey. For those in Midnight Sun FC (Advanced Rec) this will be the Orange Midnight Sun FC jersey. Both jerseys are available for purchase during registration or in-person at our office for $17.


  • Shorts - All players in grades K-12 shall wear  shorts for soccer games. FYSA has these for sales for $5 each, however you don't have to wear 'our' brand/style. They should just be the loose, athletic style. Volleyball, spandex, denim or cycling type shorts are not acceptable. Goalkeepers are permitted to wear pants as are other players with religious considerations (skirts are acceptable). 


  • Shinguards - All players in grades K-12 shall wear shinguards for all soccer activities. FYSA has shinguards for sale for $9 during registration or in-person at our office. Players are not required to purchase shinguards from us. 


  • Socks - Socks must cover the shinguards completely. FYSA has these for sale for $5 each during registration or in-person at our office. You are not required to purchase socks from FYSA, but you do have the option to. 

Indoor Soccer Ball (Futsal) Sizing

Futsal Size  Player's Grade 
2 K-2nd grade
3 3rd-6th grade
4 7th grade +

No Jewelry Policy

No jewelry of any kind, including watches, shall be worn while playing soccer. This includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other piercings. Putting a piece of tape over a piece of metal does not prevent possible injury, for you or someone else you may come in contact with. Medical alert bracelets/necklaces are considered exempt from such policies, with the expectation that they are securely wrapped, taped down or otherwise covered.