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Toddler Classes

Toddler Classes




Clinic Type

11/16 Thursday 3-3:30pm Tot
11/16 Thursday 4-4:30pm LK
11/17 Friday 11am-11:30am Tot
11/17 Friday 12-12:30pm LK
11/17 Friday 2-2:30pm Tot
11/17 Friday 3-3:30pm LK
11/20 Monday 11am-11:L30pm Tot
11/20 Monday 12-12:30pm Lk
11/20 Monday 2-2:30pm Tot
11/20 Monday 3-3:30pm Lk
11/27 Monday 11am-11:30am Tot
11/27 Monday 12-12:30pm LK
11/27 Monday 2-2:30pm Tot
11/27 Monday 3-3:30pm Lk
12/18 Monday 11am-11:30am Tot
12/18 Monday 12-12:30pm LK
12/18 Monday 2-2:30pm Tot
12/18 Monday 3-3:30pm LK
12/20 Wednesday 11am-11:30am Tot
12/20 Wednesday 2-2:30pm Tot
12/20 Wednesday 12-12:30pm LK
12/20 Wednesday 3-3:30pm LK
1/6 Saturday 11am-11:30am Tot
1/6 Saturday 2-2:30pm Tot
1/6 Saturday 12-12:30pm LK
1/6 Saturday 3-3:30pm LK
1/15 Monday 11am-11:30am Tot
1/15 Monday 2-2:30pm Tot
1/15 Monday 12-12:30pm LK
1/15 Monday 3-3:30pm LK
1/19 Friday 11am-11:30am Tot
1/19 Friday 2-2:30pm Tot
1/19 Friday 12-12:30pm LK
1/19 Friday 3-3:30pm LK

General Information

  • Tot Soccer - $15/each - Formerly known as 'I Can Play Soccer 2' these sessions are meant to include our smallest of players in on the fun! In this class we will focus on the basics of learning how to kick a ball, score goals, and play fun games. Classes are approximately 30 minutes long. They are open to children that are 2 years old. Shinguards are not required for these sessions. These classes are for a caregiver & child to participate in together. 


  • Little Kickers - $15/each - Little Kickers is a beginner level class for kids to learn the very basics of soccer. We will start to introduce the concept of dribbling the ball, controlling the ball, passing the ball and more, while also keeping it lighthearted and fun with games and the occasional short scrimmage. Classes are approximately 30 minutes long. They are open to children that are 3-5 years old. A caregiver should remain in the general vicinity during the session. 

What Should I Bring With Me To My Clinic?

  • Water bottle 
  • Appropriate footwear (tennis shoes, indoor shoes, turf shoes)
  • Shinguards & socks (2YOs do NOT need shinguards)
  • Athletic wear
  • A good attitude! 

Clinic Location & Instructions

All clinics will be held inside the Carlson Center arena. The Carlson Center is located at 2010 2nd Ave in Fairbanks, AK. Players and parents should use the back parking lot and entrance labeled 'Pass Gate'. This entrance has 6 gray doors, you should not use the steps with the blue railings to enter the building.