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Walker Soccer



Walker Soccer started off as a half-joke and turned into more.  We already do soccer for two year-olds, why not try to bring soccer to even younger ages? This is meant to be a semi-organized play time while introducing very basic soccer movements like going towards the ball and trying to kick it. Bring your baby's walker with wheels or have them crawl around. We will supply soccer balls. Pants are suggested in order to protect little one's legs if they are crawling around on the courts. It also tends to be on the cooler side in the arena, if this helps you for planning purposes.

WHERE: The FYA Courts inside of the Carlson Center Arena (See Location information for more details)

WHEN: November 30th at 12pm or 12:45pm.There will be two 45-minute long sessions. They will both be the same activities, just different times. 


All courts are located inside of the Carlson Center arena. We are excited to have this new space available for winter programs on our beautiful Sport Court flooring.  Enter through the rear doors at the Carlson Center marked 'Pass Gate'. Parents, siblings, etc. are welcome to sit in the lower bleachers on the east side of the arena.

No food or drinks are allowed on the courts, just water! Non-marking athletic shoes should be worn on the courts, however players should be changing into this footwear after entering the building. In other words, we want to keep any boots or wet shoes OFF the courts, to keep the floor dry and safe.