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FYSA highly suggests you download the SportsEngine app through any app store for free to stay up to date with your team's game and practice schedule. Many teams also choose to use the team messaging function that is easily accessible through the app. Be sure to use the same username that you used when registering your player.

5 Reasons Why You Should Coach for FYSA

1.  We'll help you! FYSA is committed to continual coach education. We will supply you with week to week practice plans and even come help you run your first session if you want us to. We want to help you be as successful as possible whether this is your first season or tenth.

2.  Community involvement! Whether you have lived in the Interior for 2 months or 15 years, it takes people like you that are willing to invest back into our community to make our season possible. Maybe you've played all your life and you're looking for a way to give back, or maybe you just love kids and want to be involved - either way, we'll take you! 

3. It's extremely rewarding! Watching children learn, grow and work hard during a soccer season is often an unforgettable experience. Whether you realize it or not, playing soccer might be the best part of a player's day or week. Be the positive role model that you had (or wanted) as a kid. 

4. Get 50% off your player's registration! Any coach that volunteers will automatically receive a flat 50% refund on their player's registration fee. Refunds are processed by FYSA staff near the halfway point of each season. You will receive an email notification of this action on your account. 

5. It's FUN! Win or lose we love to see kids and adults alike enjoying time out on the court. 

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FYSA Application for Financial Aid for Youth Players

If your family is in need of financial assistance to be able to play soccer please apply here